Jeannie Pepper videos : “Max Bedroom”

Name: Max Bedroom

Director: Eathen Marcs

Duration: 88 min

Year: 1988

Country: United States

Language: English

Actress: Jeannie Pepper,Hope,Sunny Daye,Molly Munro

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Actors: Joey Silvera,Billy Dee,Blake Palmer,Bill Margold,Jonathon Lee

Max Bedroom is a stressed-out worker of the Sexual Senses Bureau, and his new task is to research the sex life of the inhabitants of the Smallville district. Rumour has it that these people practice the most perverted and nasty things, but in fact all the couples seem normal and ordinary to Max. He goes to meet them personally and ask a couple of questions about what they prefer in sex, and their answers convince Max that they do nothing unusual in bed. However, he decides to check if they tell the truth and spies on them. This is when Max finds out the thrilling truth and witnesses the wildest sex scenes ever. Swing sex, group orgies, lesbian sex games with dildos – and this is only the beginning! Watch this kick-ass 1980s porn movie to learn all the sexy privates of Smallville!


Diane Suresne pussy : “Sens interdits”

Name: Sens interdits

Director: Jean-Luc Brunet

Year: 1985

Duration: 79 min

Country: France

Language: French

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Actors: Christophe Clark,Gabriel Pontello,Andre Kay,Jacky Arnal,Olivier Mathot,Yves Callas

Actress: Marilyn Jess,Dominique Saint Claire,Marianne Aubert,Diane Suresne

Bob Lane is (or dreams of being) a private detective with a office girl Cynthia with whom he has sex on the office desk. He dreams of saving Tatiana from burglars and receiving her gratitude in physical form. His office girl has sex with the gasman to avoid paying the bill. Nightclub singer Diane is having an affair with an older man, Freddy Raclay. They play games where she is a dominatrix. Freddy’s wife Edwige is having an affair with Raoul and experiments with anal sex with him and her husband. Diane is taken by two gangsters who have sex with her (faked DP). She is rescued by Tatiana, but they have a fight and g/g session in the mud before being hosed down by Bob. In the end it all turns out to be his dream.