Kassi Nova ass in “Night Temptress”

Name: Night Temptress

Language: English

Duration: 105 min

Director: Jean Pierre Ferrand

Year: 1990

Country: United States

Categories: Kassi Nova ass, 1990, United States, English, Jean Pierre Ferrand, Sharon Kane, Lynn LeMay, Lee Caroll, Kassi Nova, Lauren Brice, Jacqueline, Mistress Jacqueline, Peter North, Tom Byron, Marc Wallace, Jessie Eastern, Wayne Summers, Facial, Anal, Lesbian

Actress: Sharon Kane,Lynn LeMay,Lee Caroll,Kassi Nova,Lauren Brice,Jacqueline,Mistress Jacqueline

Actors: Peter North,Tom Byron,Marc Wallace,Jessie Eastern,Wayne Summers

Trying to shed the Spielberg-look of their past two ventures, directors Ferrand and Davy stay a little bit closer to this time zone with The Night Temptress.Well, maybe even that’s a matter of interpretation. Mistress Jacqueline, who can usually be found in some bondage-submission dungeon, is called upon to do something a little more mainstream. Here, she plays a sort of female Rod Serling-Tinkerbell. With soft, caressing voiceovers and cute insert shots revealing her dimples, pearl drops smile and chandelier-sized earrings, Jacqueline plays a creature who inhabits our repressed sexual dreams and comments in a kind of poetry best found in volumes of Lord Byron and Keats.Sharon Kane plays a frustrated housewife (is there any other kind?) who’s about to confront the powers of Jacqueline. Kane, married to wham-bam hubby Jesse Eastern, is looking to clean the sexual corrosion off her battery poles. Jacqueline allows her to cut loose, thus setting up some pretty weird segments with nosey neighbor Lee Caroll. Eastern with Lynn Lemay, and the compulsory orgy sequence.The Lemay scene begs for comment since Eastern takes a monumental career risk by donning garter belt, stockings an women’s makeup to establish the truly kinky side of Kane’s fantasies (she’s imagining Jesse doing a role reversal with "hooker" Lemay). The last time I saw something like this was actor Richard Goldstone in Alex de Renzy’s Passions. I think Goldstone is working as a night watchman in a spittoon factory these days. Hope Jesse has his money in CD’s – but he’s great in what the scene calls for, nonetheless.Creatively and sexually, The Night Temptress is everything you’ve come to expect from Pure Class Productions. First rate video making all the way and a fascinating mix or romance and high voltage kink. Stores should support this big budget, worthy sexvid.


Kassi Nova ass : “Red Velvet”

Name: Red Velvet

Duration: 80 min

Year: 1989

Country: United States

Director: Bonvini

Language: English

Categories: Kassi Nova ass, 1989, United States, English, Bonvini, Kassi Nova, Brandy Wine, Barbie Doll, Lorelei, Randy West, Blake Palmer, Shane Hunter, Frank Brandt, Anal

Actress: Kassi Nova,Brandy Wine,Barbie Doll,Lorelei

Actors: Randy West,Blake Palmer,Shane Hunter,Frank Brandt


Eva Kleber free porn in “Party Sex, Sex Party”

Name: Party Sex, Sex Party

Year: 1983

Duration: 78 min

Country: Germany

Director: Party Sex

Language: German

Categories: Eva Kleber free porn, 1983, Germany, German, Party Sex, Cathy Stewart, Elisabeth Bure, Brigitte Verbecq, Eva Kleber, Alain L’Yle, Andre Kay, Dominique Irissou

Actress: Cathy Stewart,Elisabeth Bure,Brigitte Verbecq,Eva Kleber

Actors: Alain L’Yle,Andre Kay,Dominique Irissou

Eva, inspired by a sex-book and in the thrill of anticipation of her idea by the book starts ‘playing’ with her teddy. Than she phones her girlfriend and explains her idea: she wants to have a hot party at her eighteenth birthday.