Ilona Staller Trivia

Ilona Staller TriviaIn 1987 she was polemically elected in the Italian Parliament (Radical Party)
Stage name "Cicciolina" means "cuddles" in Italian.
Has a son, Ludwig Maximilian (born 29 October 1992), with ex-husband Jeff Koons, the American artist. After years of legal battles, Staller lost custody of her son to Koons in 1998 when an Italian court ruled that she was "too liberal" to provide for her son’s moral education.
Founded the Love Party with the late Italian movie star Moana Pozzi to fight for the legalization of brothels, "love parks" and better sex education.
In January, 2002 from her home in Rome’s Olgiata suburb she is considering a run for office in Hungary’s parliament. If elected in April 2002 she would represent the Kobanya-Kispest suburb where she was born (outside Hungary’s capital). She hopes to focus on helping the poor.
Represented the Radical Party in the Italian parliament from 1987 to 1992.
Worked in Brazil in a mainstream production, soap "Xica da Silva" (1996). Then, she was very famous in Brazil as the adult star "Cicciolina".
Ilona Staller TriviaIn September 1999, Staller admitted that she had been a spy for the Hungaran Communist Party in her youth. Staller told a television interviewer that she was recruited in Budapest when she was a 19-year old a waitress working at a major international hotel.
Starred in a hardcore porn movie with American porn legend John Holmes in 1986 towards the end of his career, not knowing that Holmes was HIV-positive. Holmes continued to work in the business despite being infected with the virus linked to deadly AIDS because he needed the money to support his cocaine habit. Thankfully, Staller did not contract the infection from him and years later gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
Strict vegan and animal rights activist.