Ilona Staller Biography

Ilona Staller BiographyCicciolina (Ilona Staller): AKA (Cicciolina,Elena Mercuri,Elena Mercury,Ilona Staller )
Birthday: November 26, 1951

Astrology: Sagittarius
Birthplace: ,
Years Active: 1986- 2001
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: Hungarian
Hair Color: Blond
Measurements: 36D-25-37
Height: 168
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Miss Pomodoro, Moana Pozzi, Roberto Malone, Ron Jeremy, Nicholas Moore
Website: n/a

Ilona Staller BiographyBorn  26 November 1951 (age 62)
Budapest, Hungary
Other names  Cicciolina
Height  5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Spouse(s)  Jeff Koons (1991–1998)
No. of adult films  15 (per IAFD)

Ilona Staller (born 26 November 1951), widely known by her stage name, Cicciolina, is a Hungarian-born Italian porn star, politician, and singer. Staller continued to make hardcore pornographic films while a member of parliament. She is famous for exposing her breasts in parliament.

Early life

Ilona was born in Budapest, Hungary. Her father, Laszlo Staller, left the family when she was young. She was raised by her mother, who was a midwife, and her stepfather who was an official in the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior.

In 1964, she began working as a model for the Hungarian news agency, M.T.I. In her memoirs and in a 1999 TV interview, she claimed that she had provided the Hungarian authorities with information on American diplomats staying at a Budapest luxury hotel where she worked as a maid the 1960s. By the age of 25, and during her hotel work, she met an older Italian national named Salvatore Martini whom she later married.
Pornography and show business

Naturalized by marriage and settled in Italy, Staller met pornographer Riccardo Schicchi in the early 1970s, and, beginning in 1973, achieved fame with a radio show called Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? on Radio Luna. For that program she adopted the name Cicciolina. She referred to her male fanbase, and later the male members of the Italian parliament, as "cicciolini", translating loosely as "little tubby boys". Although she appeared in several films from 1970, she made her debut under her own name in 1975 with La liceale (aka The Teasers) playing a lesbian classmate of Gloria Guida.

In 1978, on the RAI show C’era due Volte, her breasts were the first to be bared live on Italian TV. Staller appeared in her first hardcore pornographic film, Telefono rosso (Red telephone) in 1983. She produced the film together with Schicchi’s company Diva Futura. Her memoirs were published as Confessioni erotiche di Cicciolina (Erotic confessions of Cicciolina) by Olympia Press of Milan in 1987. That same year she appeared in Carne bollente (it), called The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empress in the United States, co-starring John Holmes. The film would later create a furor when it was revealed that Holmes had tested positive for HIV prior to appearing in it. Staller has appeared nude in Playboy’s editions in several countries. Her first Playboy appearance was in Argentina in March 1988. Other appearances for the magazine were in the U.S. (September 1990), Hungary (June 2005), Serbia (July 2005) and Mexico (September 2005).

In 1994, she appeared in the film Replikator and, in 1996, she had a role in the Brazilian soap opera Xica da Silva (pt) as Princess Ludovica di Castelgandolfo di Genova. In 2008, she was a contestant on the Argentine version of Strictly Come Dancing named Bailando por un Sueno.

Ilona Staller BiographyPolitical life
The Honourable
Ilona Staller
Member of the Chamber of Deputies
In office
14 June 1987 – 5 April 1992
Constituency  Lazio
Personal details
Political party  Partito Radicale (1987–1989)
Partito dell’Amore (1991–1992)
Profession  Actress
Porn star

In 1979, Staller was presented as a candidate to the Italian parliament by the Lista del Sole, Italy’s first Green party. In 1985, she switched to the Partito Radicale, campaigning on a libertarian platform against nuclear energy and NATO membership, as well as for human rights. She was elected to the Italian parliament in 1987, with approximately 20,000 votes. While in office, and before the outset of the Gulf War, she offered to have sex with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in return for peace in the region. She was not re-elected at the end of her term in 1991.

In 1991, Staller was among the founders of another Italian political movement, called Partito dell’Amore ("Party of Love"), which was spearheaded by friend and fellow porn star Moana Pozzi. In January 2002, she began exploring the possibility of campaigning in Hungary, her country of birth, to represent Budapest’s industrial Kobanya district in the Hungarian parliament. However, she failed to collect enough petition signatures for a non-partisan candidacy. In the same year, she ran in local elections in Monza, Italy, promising to convert a prominent building into a gambling casino, but she attracted few votes. In 2004, she announced plans to run for mayor of Milan with a similar promise. She renewed her offer to have sex with Saddam Hussein in October 2002, when Iraq was resisting international pressure to allow inspections for weapons of mass destruction, and in April 2006, she made the same offer to Osama bin Laden.

In September 2011, it was revealed that Staller was eligible for and would be receiving a yearly pension of 39,000 euros from the Italian state as a result of her five years in the country’s parliament. Reacting to the controversy raised by the news, the former porn star, who started receiving the pension in November 2011, when she turned 60, stated: "I earned it and I’m proud of it."

In 2012, Staller founded the Democracy, Nature and Love Party (DNA) with her partner Luca di Carlo, a criminal defense lawyer. Its objectives included: the legalization of same-sex marriage; the reopening of former brothels ("closed houses"); a guaranteed minimum wage for young people; a properly functioning judicial system for every Italian; and the elimination of the privileges of the rich political "caste". The party is ready to stand for the upcoming elections on 24 February 2013.
In popular culture

British band Pop Will Eat Itself released a song called Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina as an unofficial World Cup single in July 1990. The song reached number 28 in the UK singles charts.
Musical career

Staller has recorded several songs, mostly from live performances, with explicit lyrics being sung to a children’s melody. Her most famous song is "Muscolo rosso (it)", a song entirely dedicated to il cazzo, which means "the dick" in Italian. Because of its extensive use of swear words, the song could not be released in Italy, but became a hit in other countries, especially in France, where the listeners did not grasp the meaning of the lyrics. The song gained considerable popularity in the internet era, when many Italian speakers were able to hear it for the first time.

Several unreleased songs were recorded during her RCA period and the Diva Futura agency period. Some of these unreleased songs were subsequently used during her TV shows, live performances or as soundtracks in her porn movies.

1979 Ilona Staller (RCA PL 31442) published at least in Italy and Colombia. (The Colombian record has titles in Spanish.) A music tape also exists.

Tracklist: I was made for dancing / Pane Marmellata e Me / Labbra / Benihana / Lascia l’ultimo ballo per me / Cavallina Cavallo (by Ennio Morricone) / It’s all up to you / Professor of Percussions / Piu su sempre piu su

Ilona Staller Biography1987 Muscolo Rosso (Boy Records) published in Spain only.

Tracklist: Russians / Inno (Come un angelo) / Satisfaction / Telefono rosso (Avec toi) / Balck Sado / Goccioline (Bambole) / Perversion / Animal Rock / Nirvana / Muscolo rosso / Muscolo rosso (reprise)

1988 Sonhos Eroticos printed in Brazil only. (All Disc 00.101.009, also music tape 00.107.009.) Reprint of the English long playing Erotic dreams plus two Cicciolina songs "Muscolo rosso" and "Avec toi." The other songs are performed by Erotic Dreams Band. Some of Cicciolina’s speeches are used in "La prima volta" song. Cover is dedicated to Cicciolina.

Tracklist: Muscolo rosso / Emmanuelle / Bilitis / Le reve / La prima volta / I feel love / Je t’aime… moi non plus / Histoire d’O / Les Femmes / Black Emmanuelle / Love to love you bay / Avec toi

1994 Sonhos Eroticos (Brazil only, All Disc RQ 032) Reprint of 1988 LP with a new layout of the cover, with background from brown to pink and violet.
2000 Ilona Staller (CD, in United Kingdom only, Sequel Records/Caste Music NEMCD398); reprint on CD of the 1979 LP, plus the two extended tracks of the red vinyl mix.

7" disks

1976 "Voulez vous coucher avec moi?" (Italy only, with neither serial number nor cover; on the vinyl it is written "Nuovo Playore 1° Radio Rete 4 D.R." only); from the same-named radio programme on Radio Luna station by Riccardo Schicchi where the nickname Cicciolina was born.
1979 "I was made for dancing" / "Piu su sempre su su" (Italy only, RCA PB 6323)
1979 "Cavallina Cavallo" / "Piu su sempre piu su" (Japan only, RCA SS 3205)
1980 "Buone Vacanze" / "Ti amo uomo" (Italy only, RCA BB 6449)
1981 "Ska Skatenati" / "Disco Smack" (Italy only, LUPUS LUN 4917)
1987 "Muscolo rosso" / "Avec toi" (SFC 17117-7) symbol of the Italian Radical Party on the cover. The record was published in France and limited in other European countries.
1987 "Muscolo rosso" / "Russians" (Spain only, BOY-028-PRO) promo for journalist; no cover.

12" mix and picture disks

1979 "I Was Made for Dancing" (extended version) / "Save the Last Dance for Me" (English original version of "Lascia l’ultimo ballo per me") (Italy only, RCA PD 6327, red vinyl mix without cover, promo for DJs).
1987 "Muscolo Rosso" / "Russians" (Spain only, BOY-028) versions are not extended, the same as 7".
1989 "San Francisco Dance" / "Living in my Paradise" / "My Sexy Shop" (Acv 5472) Picture disk; limited edition; published in Europe, together with her colleague Moana Pozzi’s release.


1979 Dedicato al Mar Egeo, LP soundtrack by Ennio Morricone published in Japan only; though she does not sing, she is portrayed naked on the inlay and back-cover. She recorded two songs from that album ("Cavallina a cavallo" and "Mar Egeo") later in the year. The LP exists in 2 versions, one with Japanese titles, the other with Italian titles. Also CD version exists.
1979 Aquarium sounds, LP of an Italian TV programme; she sings on the "Elena Tip" track.

Personal life

Staller married American artist Jeff Koons in 1991. Koons produced a series of sculptures and photographs of them having sex in many positions, settings and costumes, which were exhibited under the title "Made In Heaven." The marriage broke up in 1992, and their son Ludwig Maximillian was born shortly afterwards. Staller left the US with the child, and a lengthy custody battle ensued. Koons won custody in 1998 but Ludwig remains with Staller in Italy. In 2008, Staller filed suit against Koons for failing to pay child support.



Porn Star Cicciolina is one of the most famous faces in European hardcore, and it’s not because of her fiery on-screen antics. It’s her off-screen activities that have made her a household name throughout the Continent and the world. Cicciolina’s a platinum-blonde waif of a starlet with alabaster skin, an extremely thin and rangy look and a pair of ridiculously full and dark eyebrows. Her chosen name translates from the Italian as ‘the little, chubby, cuddly one,’ although chubby is not a word you would ever use to describe her.Cicciolina was born on November 26, 1951 in Budapest, Hungary. She moved to Italy in 1976 and within a few years has slithered her way into the world of Italian softcore flicks like ‘Inhibition.’ Cicciolina’s lack of acting ability kept her from attaining much success in the softcore realm, so Cicciolina worked her way into the Italian porno scene through a string of fiery and energetic performances. It wasn’t until Cicciolina decided to run for Italian office that she really became a star, though.Running under the slogan ‘Make Love, Not War,’ Cicciolina ran a successful 1987 campaign to become a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament. She only served one term, but her stint as the ‘porn star-turned-politician’ was enough to grab headlines worldwide. That’s when her sexvids really started selling like hotcakes. Some of Cicciolina’s best work can be found in 1988’s ‘Rise of the Roman Empress,’ in which she sizzles her way through a threeway with Amber Lynn and John Holmes. Cicciolina also shines in 1991’s ‘Passionate Lovers,’ taking part in a lusty lesbian romp as well as two frantic group sequences. Cicciolina eased her way out of the porn scene in the early 90’s, but continues to be one of the most talked-about starlets on either side of the Atlantic.

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